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We are a 501c3 not for profit organization dedicated to empowering minority voices in community and government, as well as serving as a liaison between communities of colors, policy leaders and institutions.



Happy New Year!

Every year brings with it new adventures, and new opportunities.  For us at the League of Minority Voters our adventure is expanding our outreach to electoral swing states.  Growing our capacity to meet our Oregon agenda and around our programs and projects.  We also will be reassessing our vision to align with new innovation and threats to minority voters access to the ballot across the country.

Our confidence is firmly rooted in the belief that justice cannot be caged by the forces of exclusion, and hate for too long.  Voting is sacred.  Minority access to the ballot we believe is also sacred.  We are banking on you to help us maintain the sacredness and sanctity of our voting process.  We welcome your contributions and comments.

Sho Dozono & Denny Doyle

Board Chair and Secretary



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