What We Do

OLMV serves as a liaison between communities of color, policy leaders and institutions. Here are a few of the programs we host throughout the year:


Campaign for Just Policy promotes public discussion about policy issues of high importance to minority and low-income communities in Oregon.

Get Out the Vote Campaign is designed to increase the numbers of people in minority communities that participate in local, state and national elections.

OLMV Community Luncheons provide a forum for minority leaders to gather and discuss their policy priorities, and to have a platform to educate and talk honestly about public policies that promote inclusion and diversity.

High School Debate Teams at Oregon high schools with significant minority populations. The debate teams are designed to encourage the next-generation leaders to develop their own voice and increase their involvement in public debate.

Liberty and Hope Awards Dinner convenes minority leaders, other key public and private sector leaders, and community members to meet and discuss issues relative to public policies and Oregon’s minority communities.